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Melbourne Dec 1st Review
« on: December 03, 2010, 02:32:34 PM »
I've been thinking alot about this show since I got back home from Melbourne.  My wife and I went to Melbourne with her sister to see the first Melbourne show.  We got thouroughly rained on on the way to Etihad Stadium, but thankfully, the rain stopped before the show started.  THe Claw truly is a massive structure.  It dwarfs everything around it.  Jay-Z is an artist that I know almost nothing about, and I have to say I was unimpressed.  His mmusic sounded awful, I think mainly because a lot of it was prerecorded.  I couldn't understand a single word he said (or more like screeched).  I think he was a bizzare choice of opening act.

It took a long time for the stadium to fill, and as has been noted, the show was not a sell out.  There were around 60,000 people there however, and that's a pretty impressive turnout for anyone in my book.  I wondered as we waited for U2 to play how many were crazies like me, and how many were casual fans.

As Space Oddity played over the PA, we noticed the band arrive and there was a roar arounf the stadium.  Edge ripped into Return of the Stingray as Bono proceeded to prance and strut around the circle catwalk.  Beautiful Day is a strange choice to open a show, but it did get everyone moving and excited straight away.  I was pleasently surprised to get I Will Follow (my wife loves that song).  It seemed that alot of people were unfamiliar with Boots and Magnificent, but they were well recieved.

For me the real highlight of the night was the Mercy/Bad/In A Little Whle/Miss Sarejevo sequence.  I was hoping to get one of the new songs, and th get Bad as well was a real treat.  I doubt a lot of people in the crowd realised how lucky they were to hear Bad, because it isn't played often.  Miss Sarejevo was also unfamiliar to many, but Bono won over everyone with his amazing performance as he nailed the opera section.  Scarlett was pretty cool leading into Walk On.

The One/Streets combo is absoloutly killer.  I mean, that's obvious, but you don't realise it until you see them played back to back.  Also, there is nothing quite like hearing 60.000 people sing Amazing Grace!  Our only small dissapointment was missing out on Ultra-Violet.  HMTMKMKM was fun as Bono swung on the steering wheel mic.  People didn't want the show to end. 

In the end the empty seats in the top ring didn't matter at all.  The setlist was also irrelevant.  U2 are so good, they won over a croud that was far more casual fan than hard core.  By the end they had eveyone jumping and singing.  This is a special band.  Sometimes I think we forget what makes the so special.  Its not whether or not they sell out stadiums, or what's in the setlist, or how many songs they play from whatever record.  What makes U2 special is the heart that the display whenever thay play, that wonderful spirit thay have that infects everyone who sees them all over the world.

What a night!