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(Brief) Sydney 1 Review
« on: December 13, 2010, 06:35:32 PM »
(Gotta be a quickie cos I ain’t got much time in this internet cafe ... Gotta go, running out of change ...)

I had roughly the same spot at Sydney 1 last night as I had at Brisbane 2 last week: in the pit on Edge’s side with Brendan. And it was like Christmas had come early. After complaining after Brisbane 2 about the lame atmosphere in the pit there, and how great it would be to be in a pit full of U2 fans, Santa heard my moan and brought me a nice early pressie.

The pit here in Sydney was packed, far busier than at Brisbane 2. And far, farther, farthest more rocking. This is the sort of explosive atmosphere you’d always hope / expect to see in the pit. People were singing along with songs, roaring their heads off after songs, bouncing, clapping, waving, just rocking out and having a bloody good time mate. I’m sure the band sensed the energy and appreciated the response. Bono, for example, slightly modified the intro to Elevation to go with the flow of the audience’s own singing at the start. “I don’t want to leave!” he said at the end of With Or Without You.

Bono brought a festive theme to the show, telling the crowd that this was U2’s office Christmas party. Larry was the founder, Adam was Human Resources with a firm emphasis on equal opportunities for the ladies, Edge was the Chief Technical Officer, fixing the photocopier when everyone was drunk, and Bono was the janitor. Ho ho ho!

The big highlight, and stop me if you think you’ve heard this before, was Bad. Santa was being too generous. And far more people in the pit knew the song compared to Brisbane and Melbourne.

The intensity of the show was very high (despite a fair few itty bitty flubs). One was incredibly intense and emotional, Bono dedicated it to people who had died in Sydney from HIV, I think he dedicated it especially to someone he had known who died, and his emotion was palpable as he took the band into the beautiful but seldom heard “We’ll shine like stars” verse.

Random observation: new video footage of the beauty contest in Sarajevo during Miss Sarajevo.

Random observation 2: people around me missed Bono’s mention of Aung San Suu Kyi before Scarlet and were trying to work out what the hell he was on about when he was still speaking during the song. Perhaps a wee flash of her name and image in Scarlet would help carry the fans who miss her name (or don’t know who she is) with him during the song.

The best crowd yet on this leg, which made for an even better gig.


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Re: (Brief) Sydney 1 Review
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2010, 07:18:05 PM »
Cathalmc, it sounds like we were in close proximity to each other.  :D I was closest to the walkway.

I'm glad you made your comment about the capacity, as we thought the pit was packed far more than we'd experienced. A little to much even.

A great great show and I would also say that the crowd reacted to the band's energy. Right from the start they were full on. In fact, near the end of the show, I noticed Adam was pogo-ing on the walkway - something I've never seen him do before.  :D

While not my favourite songs, I have to admit that Stuck in a moment and In a little while, were well executed.

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Re: (Brief) Sydney 1 Review
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2010, 08:16:33 PM »
i noticed that edge was trying to give some help with the call and response bit in crazy tonight this time. still didnt generate much response from the crowd but at least wasnt dead air.

still not sure about hold me kiss me live. i think they really need to get bono on a second guitar to fill that one out.