Author Topic: Has Bono lost the plot lyrically?  (Read 10878 times)

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Re: Has Bono lost the plot lyrically?
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Sometimes you have to mine a lot of coal to find a few diamonds.

To be fair, there's no one out there who can consistently write brilliant lines for every verse, of every song on every album. There are going to be some lines that blow people's minds or resonate with them, and yet there will be others where you ask yourself, where the hell does the come from or what does it mean. I suspect some of us could do no better than "The sky is blue / I love you"

I agree with BIB that the distance between some of Bono's best and worst lyrics is quite a long way. I'm still not quite ready to forgive the use of "intellectual tortoise" and "busy intersection" on the last album. Yet I can marvel at the idea behind "I want to trip inside your head / Spend the day there / To hear the things you haven’t said / And see what you might see" in Miracle Drug.

IMHO the quality of the lyrics on the last 2 albums was compromised by all his external activities. Hopefully, he's been more focussed this time around.

And just for the record, he knew exactly when MLK died but used poetic licence because 'early evening' didn't flow right.

I'm with you on his lyrics.

But really, putting 'early morning, April 4th, shot rings out in the Memphis Sky' is even more of a crime if he knew what time MLK was shot!

He could of gone for something like 'light fading, April 4th, shot rings out in the Memphis Sky'