Author Topic: What is it like sitting behind the Claw? Should it be renamed the U2270 Tour?  (Read 652 times)

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Sorry if this topic has been discussed....but just wondering how the experience has been sitting (standing) behind the Claw.  Yea...I know it's supposed to be 360 but they still play to about only 270 degrees?

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I saw them in SLC and the folks in the back bleachers were energetic and treated to U2 playing for their end on occasion.


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I saw both nights in Sydney, the first in the pit up close and the second behind the stage. Each night a was diffrent experience but I am very glad I did both.

One thing not to worry about is that this literally is a 360 degree concert. The view you get of the Claw, the video screen and the lighting is the same no matter whether you are at the front, the sides or the rear. While the band is obviously very focussed on the audience out front, they did make a regular effort to come around the back and play to us. Even Larry was able to turn and face us!

I have to admit that, visually, the second night behind was actually better. While it is great to be within touching distance of the band, the ability to take in all that is happening with the Claw and the lighting is so much better from a distance. There'also the added bonus of you get to see the band enter and leave the arena.

So my advice is do it and enjoy it  :) :) :)

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Weren't the Croke Park shows U2 270? I don't think there was an audience in the back...

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I sat behind for one show in NJ and it was not enjoyable. Plus we had an overhang so we couldn't see the top of the spire. I mean, the music was great and yea, Larry and Bono came back to say hi to us once in a while but the full 360 experience it was not. I sat across from the stage the night before that show and that was a sick experience. I hadn't had that much of a sensory overload since Pink Floyd in 1994 and U2 on Zoo TV! Remember Zoo TV's version of "The Fly"? All of the words flashing. That was awesome!