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Glastonbury Review
« on: June 26, 2011, 08:45:00 PM »
So I have finished working at this year's festival for the BBC, it was fantastic, tiring, exhausting even but thoroughly enjoyable. Now to U2's performance and setlist....overall I am slightly disappointed with the performance. I was roughly 100 yards back from the stage, front and centre. The sound from here wasn't particularly good, the vox and drums were of decent quality but Edge could barely be heard.

It's obviously a completely different story watching it on TV, you get a larger scope for the gig, you get emotion, you get it all, for me it wasn't even like a gig, it had no story to it at all. I will of course watch the footage and possibly eat my words but watching it there, it felt like a 'here's another hit' gig. There was no beginning, middle and end, it was like a ram down the throat to the public of look how great we are, it didn't invoke anything and I wasn't feeling any impact from where I standing.

Streets at 5 was a big error, the counts could also be heard by the click track throughout the arena when the drums and lead guitar initially combined. They should have either started with the song or played it in it's usual spot, in fact after Bad would have made the gig monumental. I have to say Bono was fantastic, however the whole band seemed incredibly timid to me, which was a surprise, I expected a real tour de force from the group but it was more of a mish mash.

I also felt it was a distinct marketing ploy to reference achtung/zooproa, Bono also mentioned it. It seems like the only reason these songs were played is because a new remastered album is coming out, that wears a little thin for me personally. Desire was sorely missed. I think the performance of the night was either UTEOTW or beautiful day.

Also....why no mysterious ways extended solo??????

I plan to watch the gig online shortly so I'll see if my opinion changes......
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