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Re: Will u2 release another DVD?
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Yeah, they're a commercial, calculating band.  But my feeling isn't so much that they are looking to create content for the remaster set, but really do two things:

1. Hype Achtung Baby, just by playing the songs, and hence "sell" the remaster that's due out soon.

2. Hit the festival crowd with their darkest, edgiest material right off.  As concerned with "cool" as that crowd seems to be, it's almost like U2 said, "ok, you want cool?  We'll give you the coolest stuff we've ever done."  Kicking things off with Beautiful Day or something would probably have give the haters everything they expected.  And the set is reminiscent, of course, of Zoo TV's setlist, front-loaded with AB material.

I also think retaining the rights to those performances to sell is pretty hard to do with the BBC.  So it was an advertisement. "cool" stance, and Zoo TV homage, all at once.

I don't know.  They made a big deal out of this show in the months leading up to it, and actually years before then.  Everyone wondered when U2 would play Glastonbury.  And it was their first festival, in what, 20 years? And they put A LOT in that show, from what I saw Bono in particular left it all on the stage. I'd be REALLY surprised if after all that they didn't want to release that performance in some format.  And since I don't believe it's marketable enough to justify a stand alone DVD, and considering the AB material on it, I can only surmise that it will find its way on to the remaster as bonus content. It's just all too neat and convenient w/the remaster coming out so soon. The only other option I can see is iTunes.  

Speaking of which, I remember reading a McGuinness interview a while back where he said U2 retained (or at least shared) the rights to all the video on performances they did...that's why whenever they are on some TV or award show you'd see the video shortly thereafter on their website. I understand BBC is stingy w/ that kind of thing, but I'd be quite surprised if it wasn't part of U2's contract that they be allowed to use at least partial footage of the performance for their own release.  After all, the Live Aid material made it onto TUF deluxe remaster.  Of course, BBC may have their own highlights DVD, but I'd bet that won't contain the AB stuff.  

Again, just my guess based on 20+ years of watching how this band works.  I could be wrong...we'll see.
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