Author Topic: anyone have any boni/ali sightings while in chicago these last few days?  (Read 1319 times)

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the band was in town since the 2/3rd of july. they flew in after nashville and hung out in chitwon.. bono said that ali was at the chicago show and that they hung out in the city . larry went to a sox game.. but other than that , i have not heard of any bono sightings... did they stay at trump tower? did they do a meet and greet? anyone know or heard anything about their time in the city? i bet i missed them since i live downtown.. just curious..


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read from someone who saw Family Hewson in a restaurant nearby Soldier Field the day of the show (they just said "Bono and family", so I assume it was not only Ali). They were just leaving so they took their pic with Bono when he was taking pictures with some of the waiters.

I think it's really hard to recognize one of them on the streets when you have no idea where to look for them. And they are hanging round in expensive places not many of us are attending very often so I think it's easy for them to hide. Or just get away without hiding  ;)