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My Montreal Experience
« on: July 10, 2011, 08:11:05 PM »
Hello dear friends, I'd like to share my experience of both nights in Montreal. It could be long for some people !

It was my first U2 GA experience, and on one side it was amazing, but on the other hand it was awful.

Day 1 : We get to the line around 11am (wanted to go earlier but had a party the day before so ;D) but we still are pretty close to the start of the line.  I was already not impressed by the general lack of metal fences and overusage of yellow tape to define a "line" but I assumed security would do a pretty good job of controlling the crowd.  That's the part I got horribly wrong.  Around 2pm I think, a random crowd movement of unknown origin basically wrecked the whole order, people jumping fences, tearing the tapes, and opening the rare metal fences to get to the beginning, after that cluster**** we were behind people who got there way after us.

Besides that horrible line organisation and control by the staff, the concert as a whole was amazing, better than night 2 for me.  We managed to be 4th row on the outer rail, Adam's side.  View was amazing, ok i'm 6 foot 3, so it never is a problem !  That concert had the best acoustics I ever heard in my life, and I seen a lot of big shows.

Now, I think that exiting the venue would have made a pretty good horror movie scenario.  I found the STM (Montreal transport society) did a very, very, very good job to show how NOT to run a system.  We ended up walking an hour, in the rain, wind, crowd, cold.  Concert ended at 11h30, got in a bus at 1h15, completely drenched and freezing.  I found amazing that in the same JULY day, we fought heat, and then hypothermia.

Day 2 : Now, knowing that the line was ridiculous, we got to the line at 2 pm, to our great surprise, just as we arrived, they were setting up a second line, at the opposite side.  So we ended up at the beginning of that line, which would enter 15 minutes after opening the first line.  Lots more metal fences and security staff also.  When we finally entered, we ran a bit to get to our spot, which was almost the same than the day before, only a little further back, that's when I looked like an idiot.  I tried to do a small sidestep to avoid someone, I ended up faceplanting in front of everybody.  So from then on the wait was longer than ever, because night 1 we had space to sit down on the floor.  Night 2 was completely packed, so we stood up for ever.

Night 2 concert was amazing, but people around me were boring, I was the only one jumping and dancing, but still had a good time. Exiting the venue was a much better experience than first night, took an hour and a half less to do the same distance !

Highlights night 1 : I Will Follow, UTEOTW, crowd singalong during ISHFWILF and Pride, Elevation, Zooropa, Streets.

Night 2 : Out of Control, New Year's day, UTEOTW again, Streets, Shine like stars, me faceplanting.