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Yoga class using U2 music
« on: April 10, 2012, 09:00:12 AM »
I taught a chair yoga class last week. I wanted to use "MLK" for the final relaxation pose(it's the last song on "The Unforgettable Fire")
I had also brought a yoga music CD to play for the 1st portion of the class. The stereo would not play this CD, however, so I just put on the CD TUF for the whole class! I loved it.
My next class will be Thursday and have always wanted to use "The Three Sunrises" for the sun salutations portion. The lyrics are perfect, for those familiar with sun salutations, you may know what I mean: "Spirit of the rising sun/lift me up/hold me up and never let me fall..." and of course the music is uplifting and energetic to get people ready for the flowing poses.
I will again end the class with "MLK".