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Re: Feedback/Suggestions re: 2012 U2 Fan Survey
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More questions about October  ;)

but yeah. for those big questions. *can't remember what they were* maybe divide them into decades

So it sounds like you're suggesting that we replace "What's your favorite U2 video?" with questions like

What's your favorite U2 video from the 80s?
from the 90s?

Is that correct? I'll assume so. :)

While I understand that it can be difficult to look through a long list of videos or songs (or whatever), the problem with what you're suggesting is that it gives us borderline useless data in the end. We'll end up knowing that (for example) "Streets" is the fave video from 80s, "One" the fave video from the 90s and "Beautiful Day" the fave video from the 00s ... but we still have no idea what U2 fans say is their favorite overall video.

(The only way to solve that would then be to do another survey with only those three winners as options, but even then you don't have a definitive answer, because there's no guarantee that the same 4,000 people -- or whatever we end up with -- will answer the second survey. So the data is messy.)

In writing the survey, we're aiming to get definitive data about U2 fandom. When it's done, we think it's better if we can all look at the results and definitely say such-and-such is the fave album of fans around the world, the fave live song, the fave video, etc. -- with no questions, no uncertainty, etc.

Does that make sense?
that would be good. but you do make a good point :-\

gah too hard  :D