Author Topic: Just finished reading "U2-A Diary"; Great Book Matt! Crazy read & Never Boring  (Read 785 times)

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Hello fellow 2er's. I just joined @U2. I was in Panama in 1976-79, I would never have joined the Army if I had known the message would be posted looking for band member tryouts. OK, maybe that's a stretch, but by the time I got out in 1982 I would catch a blurb or two from a friend mentioning U2. Today I am 54 and have since been a part-time U2 fan, that is until a few yrs ago. Since then, I have been exploring just about every nook/cranny I can about the band. I have acquired lots of parafanalia to include a couple $100 litho's, posters, t-shirts, and lots of Cd's/movies (incld'ng-360 at Rose, From the Sky Down, Unforget-fire, U2 Go-Home and more). My two somewhat eccentric acts of late are watching Rattle & Hum a few hundred times and even purchasing a pair of $300 blue tinted Bulgari Sunglasses with little saphires on the sides (my wife loved that purchase-not). I try to keep all this a low profile, especially since I just moved to Alabama (i lost my Leanerd Skynard T). So tonight I decided to come out of the Lemon and find some people who may have a few like tastes. Glad to be here, hope to meet plenty of you on-line soon.  - :D   P.S. Great Book Matt.