Author Topic: can a old work mate of sam o sullivan ie.greg daly and billy carroll not lookin  (Read 1860 times)

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Message for sam o sullivavan. Hi Sam Greg Daly here along with Billy Carroll  old work mates from o neills Johns Street we were thinking of an auold job re union .I know your a busy man but was hoping ,putting all that to one side ,we could find a weekend one or two nights away just a suggestion, to meet and greet so to speak, if you can recall we use to see who was the fastest to shovel shavings into the bin, with foreman Jimmy Hurley on our case  and you still tapping on the bin god we should write the book, and we.ll bring along a few instruments for the crack , I know this might never even get to you but I said I,d give it a shot, so if someone could reply would be great, apart from all that we should say well done man, nice to know I shoveled along side a star, anyway Sam I.ll understand if I dont hear back from you I don,t know about Billy thou , making instruments these days, was always the cranky one ,but a fine musician

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Hey Greg, we're a fan site based in the US. I doubt Sam will see this message. The official site is if you want to try there. Good luck.