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« on: October 03, 2012, 06:58:27 AM »
Hi there to all U2 fans everywhere,
My name steve otherwise known as keano
Or (Adam clayton) as I pretend to be the great man
In my local tribute band U2-2 we used to go under
The name of achtung baby but changed it for the better
One, we been playing U2 music coming up to 20 years
Now, we are most authentic/ sound a like/
Look a like tribute band in world for wot I've seen, our drummer uses
Larrys kit, over 7000 grands worth, our edge
Has edge world & most of his guitars, my self I use the same amps
As the great man & allso use his basses, fender jass, fender p bass, I've recently
Just bought 3500 metalic gold fender p bass
That Adam had made,& used himself, there was only
50 made & I got the last one, our bono is bono lol
He acts & sings like him, we are all massive fans & myself have been
To over 50 shows from live aid to the 360 tour,to say am a fan is an understatement,