Author Topic: What song sounds better as its studio/album version than its live version?  (Read 599 times)

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Some live versions just don't do a song justice.  Whether it is hard to replicate the electronic studio tricks or there are usually only 3 of them playing instruments, some songs sound better in their studio/album/single form than they do live.

I realize "live is where they live" but there are some songs in which I prefer the studio version. You?

One example is the song "Bad."  While U2 has performed the song quite passionately live, I prefer the haunting and atmospheric quality of the studio version of the song (especially on headphones hearing the stereo percussion tricks) than hearing the sequencer intro to the live version.

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Personally (although I love some live versions) I think With Or Without You studio version is better, it's such a well made song, beautifully put together on record, and similar to what you say about Bad I prefer the atmosphere on the studio version.

I do love the Zoo versions though.

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Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
Moment of Surrender
New York
Do You Feel Loved

Those are the ones that jump out instantly to me.

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With or without you
Still haven't found
One tree hill
Running to stand still

All of these songs are like magical recordings to me, nothing beats them.