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« on: May 23, 2013, 03:43:51 PM »
Had a look around the site and just surprised I didn't come across this before. Inspiring!

When I was thirteen...My first U2 album was Unforgettable Fire borrowed off my 1st cousin. I used to think my Dad had a really fancy stereo because the turntable pushed in and clicked out! I ruined that record with the needle jumping. But my first real impression was reading a review of Joshua Tree in The Irish Times, which was a song by song review. According to The Times, Bullet was the best tack. I remember walking into Woolworths on Ferryquay St in Derry, maybe a week after that and the record section was just all U2, black and white photos. My next memory is being freezing cold in my house and opening up the gatefold, pulling out the lyrics sheet and finally putting the needle down on bullet. Hated it!!! Next tune was the first. Where the streets have no name. Wow. I got it!

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Welcome to @U2! Nice story.