If u2 had never been formed ... what do you think they would be doing to earn a life?

Larry: After getting a degree in Fine Arts, teaching and lecturing. Still studying for his fourth or fifth Doctorade.
1 (6.7%)
Bono: No university degrees, self-made politician.
4 (26.7%)
Edge: A worldwide known doctor, Dr.-House style. With a couple of Doctorates in Genetics under his arm, working hard to find cures for rare diseases.
2 (13.3%)
Adam: A fashion designer.
1 (6.7%)
None of the above. I have been thinking of something else... (please, offer your options!)
7 (46.7%)

Total Members Voted: 13

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Imagine if Bono showed up to work with sunglasses on everyday or Edge with his beanie. Bono might be able to get away with it with a medical excuse but not Edge.

Edge's beanie™  ;D