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New member ... from NZ :)
« on: August 09, 2014, 04:26:17 AM »
So, just joined up ... got here by way of looking up various artists who respect the band, specifically The Edge. I'm primarily a guitarist by trade as it were, and have the requisite SDD3000 (x2) in my rig - basically reassembling the classic 80s rig of the UF-era. That was my first CD as well, and have been listening to them since 7 years old, which means ... 33 years come Aug 16th. It's a bit of a joke among my muso friends that my birthday is the same month as Edge, in fact, his being Aug 8, add the month of August 8, to the date of his birthday, which makes 16, and hey presto, my birthday "So you must be the Edge in Another Time, Another Place" as it were ;)

Favourite Albums: UF, followed by October, and War, and Boy - perhaps the classic era in reverse you might say obviously. But hey ... they're all great actually, also obviously! There's certainly some spectacular moments in my opinion on Zooropa and Achtung Baby, certainly in terms of soundscapes ... but Unforgettable Fire is always the album I name whenever someone asks that question "If you could have only one album on a desert island ..."
Favourite Songs to play: Streets, Bad, Pride, Out of Control, Electric Co., Surrender, Unforgettable Fire, Magnificent, One Tree Hill (which is a very special song for us Kiwi's since it was a tribute to Greg Carroll, a Kiwi who ended up being Bonos assistant on the road and more besides, and ended up on the Joshua Tree - eventually, it was first issued only in NZ. A couple of members of the band came over for Greg's funeral which was held in Wanganui, out of personal respect to what he meant to the band as a whole.

But to have a song written for him - and such an epic song at that - was really quite something. Still have the interview on tape that they gave when they came here on the Love Comes to Town Tour.

U2 has pretty much been a "family" band, as my older brother passed down the music to me, and hey, it's been with me ever since. I guess like Tom Morello had mentioned one time, their music has always tended to get me through some difficult times...

What I like about the Edge: it's a musical journey, to quote Larry ... it's about someone who is a musician first and foremost, crafting an environment. Much more satisfying to me at least than just a "soloist" as it were.

Have just got back from Christchurch, NZ, where I saw Achtung Baby! The U2 Show, a tribute act from Australia that the ex-drummer of my band joined about a decade ago. Both of us have been U2 fans for a long, long time.

So really, I was just looking around UTube for more inspiration and whatnot, having re-energised myself again for more U2 and the great craftsmanship of the Edge... and I came across this particular Forum which looked interesting and worthwhile participating in.

Super excited that Korg have re-issued the SDD3000 in pedal format. Means I won't have to drag my rack to gigs once I put that into my board.

Well that's me, hope to enjoy more of the talk in this Forum.


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Re: New member ... from NZ :)
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2014, 08:07:23 AM »
Welcome Alan/The Hedge!  I'm a newbie too, the people are very friendly and it's a great place to be if you are a U2 fan!  I have family in NZ, a Canadian expat cousin who married a New Zealander and now has a family and a farm there!!  Her parents love it so much they spend the Canadian winters there every year!  Look forward to chatting with you on the boards!!


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Re: New member ... from NZ :)
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2014, 02:06:27 AM »
Hey Tanya,

Cool - well there's a reciprocal connection then, as I have numerous relatives in Canada! Top three places to visit in my books, and planning to get over there again next year - I've tried to get a couple of my Canadian cuzzies to get here, which they're still hoping to, but I might make it back there before they get here. One of my cousins there, this time a Kiwi, married a Canadian, and does Event Management in Whistler. I do event management here, and am hoping to use those skills in a few events overseas - the Royal Bank Blues Fest is an event for example that I'd love to check out ...

Thanks for the welcome and look forward to chatting more :)