Author Topic: 1 month into of Songs Of Innocence, what has happened to the album for you?  (Read 8222 times)

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Mircale - First I dug it now I still dig it. Pretty much the same. Gloss has worn off slightly but that's normal and no slight on the song itself.

Every Breaking Wave - Pretty much loved it from the beginning and now having heard the accoustic versions I like it even more. It's a great great song.

California - It was okay at the beginning and quickly I started noticing a few weaknesses in it. It's actually the one song I tend to skip the most just because it doesn't really take me to a cool place, it just kind of meanders on while still being kind of catchy.

Song For Someone - I was immediately taken by the lyrics in this song which I thought were beautiful. I still do. The song could and should be stronger, and the chorus I feel lets itself down just a little, but I still really like the song and find myself enjoying it a lot on and off which is kind of interesting. Depends on my mood I guess.

Iris - This song sounds like U2 doing what U2 does best, and because it's such a personal topic it has that extra touch of poignancy. I lost my mother recently so it sort of has a heartfelt connection with me, but I wouldn't say it's anything overly sentimental or anything like that. I just liked the song and I still do. It's a middle of the pack song for me.

Volcano - It sounded very War era ish and lots of fun without having too much to it. A nice rocker of a song. Not much has changed.

Raised by Wolves - Loved this song! For a while it was my favourtie track. Probably my 3rd favourtie track now, but yeah, right up there.

Cedarwood Road - Kind of didn't feel this song at the beginning but after a couple of weeks I started really enjoying it for what it is, and its just a clean, thick rock tune. I think its almost perfect.

Sleep like a Baby - Kind of POP ish which people have also said. I Didn't think too much of it at the start but since I've made that connection with the Pop era I actually enjoy it a bit more knowing that they've kind of tapped into an old sound of theirs which is cool.

This Is Where - Didn't make the connection at the very beginning but now its my favourite track. I love the chorus and the intro to the song. And the lyrics are really cool. It's a fun song that I always turn up and air drum to.

Troubles - Haunting, beautiful song. Best closer on a U2 album maybe ever. Same opinion as at the very beginning.

Overall, I have settled into the album a bit since the first 2 weeks, but it's only dropped about .5 of a vote out of 10 which is nothing. I still savour every song when I listen to the album and I can't see that changing any time soon.

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Mostly the same. Liking EBW and California a bit more. Liking SFS less. Should have left it in Vegas. Still not a classic album. Still a 4 out of 5 and hands down better than any of the 00s albums.

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Interesting to see what we all wrote, the same thread from NLOTH

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Love the troubles, cedarwood Rd, raised by wolves and crystal ballroom. Like iris and every breaking wave. Everything else I'm ambivalent to.

Oh, still hate song for someone. Skip it every time.

Album itself probably has dropped to a 7 for me, but chuck in crystal ballroom and it's an 8.