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Ticket Purchase Locations
« on: April 27, 2015, 06:29:46 AM »
Back in the day, you typically had to line up days in advance at a box office, may call a ticket outlet to get your tix and wait on hold if you could get thought at all.  There was no internet or brokers as we know it today.

Just curious as to what is the most unusual, legal place you might have purchased tickets in the past for any even, U2 or otherwise.  Mine would have to be at a local small bookstore in Vermont for ZooTV Outside Broadcast at Saratoga Springs NY.  It was a small, independent bookstore, authorized outlet for tickets.  I arrived about 1/2 before the store opened and there were maybe a dozen or so of us in line.  Second would have to be (though not for U2) at out local Sears store to get concert tickets for events.

These are rather mundane, but it got me thinking abut what other unusual locations sold tickets in the past.