Author Topic: Release methods for Songs of Experience (my dream)  (Read 412 times)

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Release methods for Songs of Experience (my dream)
« on: May 12, 2015, 09:54:58 PM »
I had a dream last night. I was sitting in a cinema. The movie I was watching had some similarities to Linear and also to the Every Breaking Wave movie set in Belfast. It was a movie with Songs of Experience. There was some acting in it, and all of the new songs. The sound in the cinema was amazing, better than anything I have at home.

I walked out of the cinema with the whole Experience playing through my mind. I hungered to hear the songs again, because the album had not been released yet, and the blasted radio wasn't playing any songs. Thankfully U2 had been playing some of the songs at their shows, and I could purchase some of these on 

I decided to go see the movie again the next day so I could hear the music again. And I hung out for an actual announcement of the album release.  Perhaps a new app would be available for my iPhone soon, or perhaps it would just appear miraculously on my phone, since I am a subscriber anyway.

Well, it is free to dream after all.