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Reports From The Last Rows
« on: June 04, 2015, 04:16:16 PM »
Who has had the experience so far this tour to sit all the way in the back? I feel like as hard core fans we all go GA or close or whatever, but I have come to realize being in the end has it's own pleasures. Tip: Last row in the aisle is one of the best places! I love being able to move around so much, stand the whole show without blocking someones view, run to get a beer without hassle, and bounce to every song possible without feeling like I'm pi**ing someone off. But moreover, I think in the last rows, you focus waaaayyyy more on the music than on "the show", and the music from this new record is I think we all agree some of the best of their career.

Unfortunately in LA4 in my section I felt like a decent amount of people didn't give the new record as much reception as it deserves, has anyone else been in the back rows? Thoughts on the crowd, the show, the experience?

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Re: Reports From The Last Rows
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2015, 11:58:56 PM »
We were in section 228, row 28 for LA4 (last row in that section). We could touch the ceiling, and it was like a greenhouse there, so hot. We could not see much of the screen, but it was our 4th LA show, so we really were just there for the music. Our seats had such high "legs," my feet could not touch the ground, and I'm not short. But who needs seats anyway?! We ended up abandoning them as there wasn't really enough room to stand/dance because of some weird concrete ledge on the floor. We partied at the top of the stairs on a landing that was all ours. It was nice!

We had actually picked the last row on purpose -- we hadn't planned on attending but just couldn't help ourselves. During the 360 Tour, we had a similar experience and wound up on the last row for night 2 in Anaheim, so we wanted to recapture that moment. Some people around us had picked their seats for the reason you mentioned: rocking out, not wanting to bother anyone, getting lost in the music, smoking a joint. So it was a bit rowdy. ;D

I agree that it was a good experience to round out the various vantage points we had, but I certainly would not recommend last row to someone if it's going to be their only show, or if you're easily bothered by your neighbors. I did feel a wee bit disconnected from the crowd below, the distance felt significant enough to have an effect. I also had a lot more trouble understanding Bono while he was speaking between songs. We still had a great time, though!

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Re: Reports From The Last Rows
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2015, 12:12:51 AM »
At the last show, we had seats all the way up in the boonies. It was hot as heck and there was a pillar in front of us lol. There's definitely a lack of energy and enthusiasm but there are some who are down to rock out.
It didn't affect our enjoyment though, I was just glad to be there.
We walked all over the venue and had a blast.