Author Topic: (Possible Spoilers) Does Anyone Else Get Choked Up During Iris Live?  (Read 818 times)

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I've only seen two shows so far.  Even after reading about the tour, watching periscopes ahead of time, nothing prepared me for the first half of the show.  Iris in particular.  I don't know if it's the images of Bono's mother on the screen, or the fact that they play the song so well live, but both times I've seen it, I end up inconsolable by the end of it.  I'm no U2 newb either.  I've seen multiple shows on every tour since ZooTV and I've never felt more emotional during a U2 show than the first half of this tour.  Anyone else have this experience?

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 I got choked up when he sang it and watching the screen however by night 3 it didn't have the same effect. The acoustic version of EBW was my favourite Bone's voice was so clear it was very good and I looked forward to him singing that each night. All in all the shows were AMAZING.

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YES! I get choked up when I heard it on the album but it was so much more poignant live.

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Only the studio version.  The subtleties of the music and emotion seem a little lost to me live with 40,000 screaming fans.

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Not only did I choke up seeing Iris live, I flat out cried.

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Iris is really powerful. The last line of the song, "free yourself, to be yourself, if only you could see yourself" is amazing.


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I like the way edge sings it live vs the album. It's alot more beautiful.


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You nailed it. Iris live is so emotional with the visual. Cedarwood Road was angry.