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Re: Meeting Band after sound check msg 7/18 33rd street
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Of all the people on this site I wanted to meet, you were one of the top ones! (No offense Dan, she's in the fellow "spiritually inclined" camp.)  It would have been even better if all 3 of us could have met Sunday before the show or something... he's going to be there Thursday and Friday, are you going to still be there? maybe the 2 of you could meet and my spirit will be with you--- :-[

(Dan and I both got into town in the early afternoon Sunday and chatted for a few hours before the show, he was in GA and I wasn't, then for a few minutes after the show too, then he had to leave.)

Are you still there? Are you staying for the final shows? If you are take care! Stay cool, get out of the heat if possible today!

(Sorry mods for "shouting", I *am "shouting"..not in a bad way though. ;D)

That's it: we have to make a goal to get tix if the SOE tour becomes real, and the three of us go together if they do stadiums...

Check your PM's MD!


Well, I promised Dan I'd be writing 2 different versions of my experience. (Sorry, be back in a few, will continue this in a few minutes...)
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Re: Meeting Band after sound check msg 7/18 33rd street
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I think I'll make this a separate post. (WARNING: Long post ahead)

First : I have to say that I'm SO glad I didn't read Linds's post last week! I'm so glad I didn't go to NYC with the knowledge that the band probably wouldn't do meet and greets like they usually do. That one "fan", whoever he is who jumped the fence, if it's true...I'm consider myself a nice person and don't like to say "I hope he rots in hell," BUT.... ;D ;D. I believe that story and it's possible the MSG staff are to blame.  It's not like we have another decade's worth of arena tours coming, to have opportunities to do this, ya know? At this late stage we have to treasure every experience we get..

But of course, Monday changes everything. I can just imagine Bono was thinking, "F*** the security, I'm coming out. These people have been waiting for a long time in this heat, and maybe some of them have been here every day since last Saturday..." Just goes to show you what a guy he is. hats off to you, Bono: coming out Monday, that was a very punk rock thing to do.  ;)

So maybe since Monday there was a large crowd and yet everything went off without a hitch, he'll be able to talk the venue security into allowing the band to come out for the last 2 dates. Here's hoping, Dan!

Incidentally,  I met someone from Interference in the crowd not 2 minutes after Bono left, she'd *just* gotten there and was absolutely heartbroken she'd missed him. She actually started crying! I consoled her, found out she was a poster I "knew" from Interference,  and this led to us going to a café on 33rd across the street, I'd lost my water bottle and after 3 hrs waiting in that heat I had to hydrate or die. (It goes without saying that discovering I had nothing to drink in that heat was not going to persuade me to leave that crowd for even 5 minutes. Possible dehydration/heatstroke was a small price to pay if I got to meet anyone from the band...esp B...he could pick up my limp body off the concrete, or just merely ask "Are you OK??",  ANYTIME ,g>.)

Not that I'm giving anyone suggestions or anything... ::)

But luckily for this poor lady, she's a local and she plans to camp out Thurs and Friday. Remarkably, she's a 30 yrs + fan and even being a local, she's always missed out on meeting the band. What rotten luck, it just has to change. She goes by the name Dazzled By Light and everybody, let's put in some good vibes for her!

Well, where do I start? I have to say first that in my defense, even though I am a New Englander born and bred (the few yrs spent in Detroit don't count:) and thus used to all sorts of crazy weather bar earthquakes or F3-F5 tornadoes, I had yet to experience heat like that of Manhattan on this past Monday afternoon. Heat waves of up to 98 or 99 F with humidity percentages to match, yes, I've even gardened in a couple of those type days, so I was used to heat waves; but I had yet to experience a tropical climate like say, Jakarta or Mumbai, where it really was like a furnace, where you could step out of an air-conditioned  area and be just absolutely sodden and limp in less than 3 minutes. Where the umbrellas came out just for the sake of avoiding said cases of heatstroke. I knew this was the "urban island heat effect" or whatever it's called, where a heat wave is magnified by the urban canyons. I know U2 have a verse in their 21st century work referencing this somewhere. Yes, specifically NYC heat. Can't remember what song right now. But it was my first time experiencing it and I now knew what Bono meant. I imagine residents of Gotham chuckling as they read this and raising a toast...yes, you've now been baptized, my child. It may not make you an honorary New Yorker but it was a sacrifice on your part to meet the band, so we'll give you a pass.  ;D

Me being in Albany, the trip to NYC was no sweat. I feel really guilty being able to do this so easily, my heart continues to break for those geographically shut out for the arena leg of the tour, I'm still upset about the lack of shows for the south or heartland. Maybe if the band looks at Garth Brooks's box-office totals for end of year--he played everywhere--they'll want to remedy that with the SOE dates, but even then it won't be the same. But as far as the trip goes, I didn't even have to drive, just hop on a city bus across the Hudson River to the train station ( 10-minute trip), then the 2 1/2 hrs south along "the Hudson River line" as Billy Joel put it. (I'd really recommend the trip, the train goes along the Hudson shoreline and the view esp along the Catskills and the southern end of the river--say, everything south of Poughkeepsie--is beautiful, esp in the early morning or evening with the mist coming off the river and draping the mountains. The train was packed, sold out, and I was vastly entertained by the lady in back of me talking with a group of German tourists. They were quite festive, asking for advice about NYC--what to see and so forth, it was their first time going there--At one point they confessed to the lady that part of their itinerary was making a tour of all the American fast-food outlets they didn't have in Germany. They only had McDonald's and Burger King, they said, and their dream was to eat in all the other famous ones, Dunkin Donuts and Wendy's and Taco Bell, etc, b/c they were "part of American culture." This along with their stated intentions to visit MoMa and such places, well, it was hilarious. Kudos for their appreciation of both high and low-end Americana, I guess.... ::)

Dan and I had exchanged phone #'s but we'd both been busy and had limited time to talk before the trip, so we didn't call each other until after 3: 30 PM Sunday when I blew into town. I had the purse and the aforementioned bag with all my "luggage" for one night, even though I wasn't going to Monday's show I planned to stay with the intention of camping out in hopes of meeting the ban, knowing I might be there too late on Sunday. Daniel CT's initial sight of me was less than glamorous, to say the least.  It had started to drizzle  and there I was, down on my knees at the corner of 8th and 33rd, in the middle of a Manhattan crowd swirling around me, rummaging through my bag looking for my umbrella, finally having to take out a couple of things and lay them on the concrete...when I heard a voice above me, "[Mary]? is that you?" I look up from the pile and mumble, "Oh, God. Dan, is that you? Sorry, I'm looking for my umbrella..." and finding it, proceed to stuff various plastic-wrapped belongings back in, wishing I had Hermione Granger's abilities to store things in the tiniest and yet most magically capacious of bags (excuse the "Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows" book  reference there.) This was NYC and I knew I looked like a bleedin' idiot. I had yet to acquire the "Eff it"  attitude. Esp when meeting a fellow U2 fan for the first time.

After his relating to me his ill luck trying to met the band, we repaired to a pizza joint nearby and chatted for a while before going back to the Garden. I still find it amazing, that we didn't know each other outside of a couple online posts and one phone conversation, and yet here we were as if we'd always been friends. It also goes without saying that if I didn't know in advance what Dan looked like, I would not have reacted as I did there on the ground, this being NYC. But it's just so great that I can follow my instincts and have faith that we in the "U2 family" can trust each other. At least when we're in town for a show. Now, if we were both fully Irish and had a clash of political opinions.... ;D Or maybe I was just in that mildly euphoric state that everyone is in when they're on a unique vacation, a resident of that wonderful mellifluous entity known as "U2 world", that magical aura that envelops you when you're in the middle of the U2 circus, even if it's just in my case for one show and two days, or more precisely, a day and half. And even less than a day, in Dan's case. (Though you're coming back later in the week...damn you.  ;D ;)). I'd tried to remain calm and neutral, thinking about my planned life after I got home starting Teusday, but once I got in line...screw it. No matter how much you fight it, that *feeling* just takes you. "Be the moment," as Bono told that iPhone misbehaving girl onstage, a few cities ago. I knew now, if I hadn't before, or tried not to remember, why if they could afford it, grown adults followed the band around for the better part of a whole tour. And this was with a  band where the definition of a groupie was trying for a casual outside meet and greet in the afternoons! Has any other rock act been like this? There really is no other aura or feeling like it.

(as an aside, I don't know what the security was like in other cities/venues, but boy at the Garden they do NOT mess around. I had to be scanned by security twice--once before entering the lobby, and then again before handing over my ticket to be checked. I defenitely do not remember that from '05.)

The show itself? Well, I'll save the deeper, more personal reactions for my "spiritual" post a few days/weeks down the road, but suffice it to say I was very happy. It meant a lot to me to be in that building again after 10 yrs, esp when the Vertigo show came achingly close before a personal tragedy which I still am dealing with the repercussions of (Boy, Bono was right when he recently said "If you don't catch up with the past, it will catch up with you." Right. In spades.)  This time all was mollified, starting with where I was. I went "old school" to acquire an $85 paper ticket, and found out that I was right above the e-stage less than halfway up, on Adam's side. I was a lot closer than I'd expected, and would be able to discern facial expressions on band members faces just fine if I squinted, without resorting to the screens, which I would also have a great view of. I'm sure the usher was vastly amused by my (mildly) freaking out at what a great seat I was all the better that the 2 people next to me on my right (there was a wall to my left, which was great, I could lean on that if I wanted) were complete U2 newbies. Well, U2 show newbies. You could call them U2's target demographic for this tour: young people in their early 20's who had barely heard of the band before SOI, actually they'd heard of them in 360 but never went to show. loved SOI and had spent a lot of time learning lyrics and researching U2 history, b/c they sang almost everything. They only came "b/c of the great reviews," they said. "well, you're in for a treat. They're one of the great live acts of all time," I said, deciding to leave it at that, even though I was tempted to launch into u2 history right then and there. I remembered my mother, who I'd finally persuaded to go to a U2 show after all her yrs of putting up with my fandom, and GA at that (at her age!)..and her shrugging afterwards and going ":Nah, that wasn't THAT great," that was my 2nd to last time in this arena, she left afterwards and I stayed for one more show, and 3 weeks later she was dead by her own hand...well, I promised I'd not talk of that.

So: no initial hype, to U2 concert newbies. Except to tell them that was Joy Divisions' 'Love Will Tear Us Apart" that just played, and a little history about that great band. As for U2...they found out for themselves. All though the show, they held on to each other, this young couple--he was 24, she was 23--and sang at the top of their lungs, even to SOI songs, some of them anyway. (I hope they didn't mind me making a total idiot out of myself going nuts after the Lady Gaga performance segueing into EBW, I was scared the band  wouldn't play EBW which was my dream of hearing, I thought the piano was for OL only. They told me "She was kind of meh, I didn't think she was that good tonight," (!!) and then I found myself singing along to EBW at top volume even though it was less than halfway into the show  and already my voice was hoarse, "If you GO--OOO..." etc. Like I said, I wasn't that far above the e-stage, and lol, Bono might even have heard me.  ;(I've seen You Tube footage and really wished I'd have shut up, it was a lovely sing-along, same with One, and getting the chills in the middle of a vast U2 sing-along, no other feeling in the world like it....but singing along is just as fun!) I wonder if you could tell me more about your GA experience, Dan, since we didn't have time?

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the Meerkat person chosen for this evening: a lady from Japan who apparently didn't speak much English, but no doubt she was chosen for her clothes. She was wearing compete geisha outfit, looking like an extra from a Toshiro Mifune costume drama. Elaborate pink, white and peach flowered kimono, hairstyle, huge obi tucked up in the back, slippers, the whole deal. Wow. This may have been a first! Word around the campfire for this show was of a girl who had flown in all the way from Chile with no tickets, she just came up in good faith that she'd somehow land some, and she did! This gal from Japan must have set a similar record for pure crazy fandom levels. Bono bowing to her before and after, a nice touch.

Well, that's all I will say for tonight, let others tell how good or not good a show it was compared to others, it wasn't Phoneix for sure but it was pretty darn good! More to come in the other personal post, or to reply to Dan if you share your GA experience. But wait, it's Wed night and you're about to wade back into the circus. I hope you'll read this on your phone. I hope you are able to meet the band! Stay cool in that HEAT! I'll try to call Friday if you don't post!

I still have to get to my Bono meeting, but maybe we can compare experiences, here's hoping!
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