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October 29th - My Review
« on: November 02, 2015, 06:27:02 AM »
I've now had time to sit and process my thoughts after last Thursday's gig. Overall, I would say it's a decent tour, the visuals are stunning at times but I'm not sure it all works as a show. The highlights for me are as follows:

Bad - I predicted they'd play it and hoped, I was right ;)
Sunday Bloody Sunday - A fantastic, new rendition of the song, haunting visuals too
Iris - Powerful, incredibly so
New Years Day - Wonderful to hear this on the B Stage
UTEOTW - One of the best live songs ever, it is astounding every time I hear it
October - Very fitting for this tour
WOWY - Haunting
COBL - My wife cried, (she used to live in LA) nuff said.
Pride - Great to hear, refreshing

The opening for me would work better if it was just one or two songs under the light bulb stage, it drags on a little too long and for me, it didn't really work as well as say, Elevation where they start under the house lights.

Things that didn't work for me were Mysterious Ways, I know they were harking back to ZooTV but it's all a bit unnecessary now. I wish they played it properly full band, not on a b stage. Streets was incredibly low key, no energy for it right now, a chance missed, I think.

You all know where i stand on Patti Smith, so I won't mention it again!

Having said all this, had I got a GA ticket I would have definitely enjoyed it more, the tour demands you to be close and intimate, which I think is a great thing. For those with GA tickets, it would definitely be a more enjoyable experience.

Here's a quick video of WOWY I published...

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The band all sound in fine form really, although I have noticed Bono holds off singing some lines in order to reserve his energy for harder notes. His whole intonation on songs has changed and rightfully so, but he sounded really good, particularly amazing on Iris.