Author Topic: Should U2 Do A Special Fun Club Show Again?  (Read 2753 times)

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Re: Should U2 Do A Special Fun Club Show Again?
« Reply #30 on: March 13, 2016, 03:40:16 PM »
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I just think that once a band hits the stage that U2 are now, some 36 years in, it is just going to be established fan base whether it be core fans or casual fans.   Whether U2 puts on a thematic structure or not it will just be the core fans that know the new material while the abundance of the audience the casual fans are just there to hear the hits and staples.  It would really be interesting if someone took a random survey on the next tour as people walk in, if they are there to a)hear the new songs b)just want to hear the hits c)want to hear rarities d)a balanced mix of the three.  It would actually be interesting how many people attending actually know the name of the new album or even if they knew U2 had a new album out.  At least U2 would know what they are dealing with and a more realistic picture if their new music is getting across as these are the actual people attending the shows.

Here in the states, a large majority of people don't even know who our vice president is let alone the name of a new U2 record  :o
I'm from Canada, so I have an excuse (but I still know).  But that is the point, if the vast majority of people entering the arena don't even know the name of the current U2 album, why bother continuing?  In the past they have said, they would rather hang it up than continue making records that fall on deaf ears.