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Goodbye REAL WORLD board
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:34:48 PM »
Due to the ongoing personal attacks and other guideline violations that have plagued the "Real World" board, the moderators and I have decided to close that section of the forum permanently.

Most of these issues tend to happen in the various Real World threads dealing with things like politics and other current/timely news issues (terrorism, the refugee crisis, gun issues, etc.). We're aware that there were other topics discussed in that board, too, and have moved all such Real World topics that were active in the past two weeks into "The Lounge." You should continue to use that board to talk about movies, TV shows, sports, food and other non-U2 and non-political/non-toxic topics.

Going forward, all political and potentially toxic threads and individual posts will be deleted as soon as we see them. And any forum member purposely trying to push the boundaries to see what you can get away with will be banned permanently on the spot, no questions asked. If you think your post might be considered toxic, we recommend you not post it anywhere in this forum. There are numerous other places on the internet where those kinds of topics can be discussed.

We're also aware that U2 sometimes addresses these kinds of issues in their songs, concerts, etc. U2-related discussion is, of course, very appropriate for this forum -- but in threads that deal with both U2 and these toxic issues, the burden will be on you to make sure that whatever you post is about U2, not about the issue, and that you're not creating or adding to the toxic atmosphere. Again, we will delete posts/threads and ban members on the spot if we need to.

The moderator team discussed several options for dealing with the too-often toxic atmosphere that is driving longtime members away from this forum, and this option was seen as the least drastic of all. If the toxicity continues, we're prepared to take further and more drastic steps.

Matt and the moderators

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