Author Topic: Question to Canadians in Vancouver/Toronto/Calgary/Edmonton/Montreal/Winnipeg  (Read 5791 times)

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so in October it is shorts weather in Edmonton, Regina, or Winnipeg? Not likely. In most major U.S cities there are more then a couple of million people. In Regina & Winnipeg there is less then 1 million. It makes more sense to play a citty with at least 2 million people then it does to play a city with 600,000. They will probably play in Edmonton/Calgary/Winnipeg during the summer of 2010 when it is actually shorts weather.

Where do you actually live?

All we are asking for is ONE CONCERT in either Alberta/Manitoba or Saskatchewan, somewhere that takes us under 12 hours to drive to.  And if this is in 2010?  Rock on, we'll be there.  There are several million people in Calgary alone, FYI.  All of us on the prairies would travel to Alberta or Manitoba if there was a gig in either place, there were people from all over the Northern US and all three provinces who came for the Rolling Stones in Regina. 

I am curious to know how far you would have to drive to see U2 from where you are... because if it's anything under 10 hours, you would understand why we might want to not always have to spend at least 2 hours IN FLIGHT to see them, let alone able to drive somewhere which takes less than 10 hours. 

Have a bit of understanding for those of us who don't live near a major US city.  I for one am driving 14 hours to Minneapolis and then meeting up with someone and carrying on to Chicago.  I would cry tears of joy if I knew I could just take a 7 hour drive to Edmonton, believe me.


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Thank you, EdgeFest, for putting that nicely. ONE CONCERT in one of the central provinces of Canada, that's all we ask.

Actually, they will not have problem selling out two concerts in Edmonton OR Calgary OR Regina AND Winnipeg because of all the U2 fans in the region.

It's kind of ironic that U2 concerts promoters always want to keep their travelling expenses in check, yet they 'want' fans living in the outskirt of major cities to spend good $$$ to travel to see them.

Just have a tiny weeny bit of understanding for fans that don't live near the big three of Vancouver/Toronto or Montreal (which I am sure will be on the second leg)


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I was wondering if they bring their own generators with them for the sound  and equipment, (it is going to be out of this world from what I hear ) because most outdoor staidums are not equipped for that much power,and I am quite sure there are many outdated stadiums across the U.S as well as Canada including Montreal, so unlike past concerts, I think the stadiums on this tour will have or should have a much better sound . What do you think ?