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Re: The warhorse debate...
« Reply #45 on: February 15, 2017, 11:48:26 AM »
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The odd thing is that depending on what shows you went to, those songs weren't exactly mainstays in the sets. For example...

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360: 94/110 shows
I&E: 32/76 shows

360: 65/110 shows
I&E: 76/76 shows

Elevation wasn't even played at half of the I&E shows, but I heard it at 2 of my 3 from that year. And each time, it got one of the biggest reactions of the night, which shows why it might come out more often than not. I remember being at the first 360 show where Pride got played too, after they avoided it at all the European shows before that.

I know a lot of fans on here dislike them...but like it or not, songs like Elevation and Vertigo get the crowd MOVING. That's why they have usually stuck around in the tours since their release (except for I&E). I would be shocked if U2 doesn't include at least one or both of these songs in TJT tour. You need to have songs that get the crowd pumped up and those tend to do the trick.

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Re: The warhorse debate...
« Reply #46 on: February 27, 2017, 03:39:31 AM »
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I appreciate i will probably get lynched for this but i would jib has been in decline since Popmart and when the best live version of it i have heard in recent years was by Muse (with Edge) you know it is time to hang it up....

It was flat at the o2 in 2015 as well.

On the other hand Pride which is much maligned live in recent years and rightly so sounded reborn in 2015.

Mysterious Ways is another I wish they would shelve, along with my favourite song Elevation (I had to didn't i, folks!) and Beautiful Day.

Along with the aforementioned Pride...get NYD in the set again and keep it there please and while we are at it UTEOTW should never go either and to round it out Bad should be played every show and it made law it is.

Not sure about streets, but agree it probably peaked on the elevation tour. My 4 to bins have to be
1) Mysterious ways (by a mile)
2) One (zzzz on the I&E tour)
3) Elevation
4) I will follow

keepers for me have to be
1) Until the end of the world
2) With or without you
3) Streets
4) Pride