On this 2017 Joshua Tree tour, will U2 also recognize Pop by playing any songs from the album for its 20th anniversary?

No. It'll be The Joshua Tree album plus greatest hits.
12 (57.1%)
Yes, one or two will be regularly featured in the set list.
4 (19%)
Maybe one or two over the course of the tour.
5 (23.8%)

Total Members Voted: 21

Author Topic: Will U2 play any songs from the Pop album to celebrate its 20th anniversary?  (Read 2215 times)

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I think there's a bit of a difference between saying "Pop has no redeeming features! Worst album ever!" and "I like Pop, but I understand why the band may not be keen on playing it".

Exactly. As we say in the forum rules, HOW you say something is sometimes more important than what you say.

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To get back on topic: For all the reasons Saint expressed above, I'd be shocked if they played any Pop songs on this tour. The only way I could see it making sense is if they play all of JT during the main set, and then the encore just becomes "let's play whatever/who cares what we play" ... but I think we all know U2 well enough to know that's not terribly likely. :) They'll probably have a story they want to tell and it'll play out through the entire show, encore included.

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It is a pretty safe bet in my view that in a stadium especially with an audience that will have a large number of casual fans and or certainly fans who would probably have passed on the bands more experimental work that these shows will be 'Greatest Hits' plus TJT.

U2 are not exactly renowned for being a band who can just pull out songs at will and with them having to play songs that they have either never played or rarely played from TJT further risks/learning songs from an album they haven't played songs from in nearly 20 years seems unlikely....A more spontaneous band/technically proficient one may but for me not u2.

Their self conciousness/eagerness to appeal to a certain demographic in front of a crowd there largely on a nostalgia kick will for me see them play it pretty safe.

For those hoping for something from Pop I would say a snippet or acoustic song is most likely in these shows if there is to be something.

Could well be wrong though and people going hoping for a curveball or two may get a nice little surprise.

Pop representation on the next tour might be more likely though and possibly makes more sense assuming the 'experience' angle is in play.

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Yeah, I'm not seeing the problem with Saint's comments. Saint isn't saying that Pop is an awful album. He's simply explaining that it was a commercial failure for the band and that's why they probably won't acknowledge it, much less pay tribute to it on the tour. This is WAY different than people bashing HTDAAB and ATYCLB because the music sucks. One is objective (commercial failure), the other is subjective (opinion of those albums).

As much as I love Pop, it was a commercial failure for its time. The tour did well in some spots and ridiculously poorly in others. That's really indisputable, regardless of if you love or hate the album.

I would love to see a song or two from Pop make its way into their setlists on TJT or I&E tours. I don't expect it, though, because it seems like the band aren't keen on the album. Maybe that's because of the commercial failure or maybe it's a dislike for the music itself. Who knows. Plus they've got such a massive collection of songs that they literally may have no room for Pop in the setlist, not when they're playing another album in its entirety and need to make room for the other standards.

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I in no shape, way or form mean any offense to anyone, nor would I ever believe that any opinion isn't valid. It just seems that this topic - Pop and U2's relationship with it - continues to come up over and over again, and I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents.

I think everyone mostly understood that, but I wanted to make it crystal clear that we are all fans and we all bring different perspectives to the table. I was in my prime college years during Pop and PopMart, so I was attempting to lend a little perspective as someone who was there, so to speak. I watched the world premiere of Discitheque on MTV, bought Pop the day it was released, skipped class to watch the VH1 live tour announcement from KMart and attended two PopMart shows, one early that was a struggle and one later in the tour that was blistering.

Revisionist history is a powerful thing. None of this makes my opinion any better than anyone else's, but it isn't worth any less, either.
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I would rather see them save the Pop songs for the next leg of I+E. I can see songs like Please and Staring at the Sun fitting in nicely with that narrative.

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Maybe not on the NA dates, but I'd be genuinely surprised if "Please", "Staring at the Sun" or "Gone" didn't show up in the setlist on at least a couple of the Euro dates.