Author Topic: how much time do you spend with earbuds in/headphones on when out in public?  (Read 777 times)

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Personally, I never listen to music on headphones/earbuds unless I'm recording, but this ain't about me.

How 'bout you? On your commute, walking or biking around your city/town? While on a flight? On a hike or camping? At the gym?

Every day, or just workdays?

The floor is yours.

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I would never want to do that. Apart from the safety issues of potentially not hearing what's going on around me, it would drive me crazy listening to music in a public place where I couldn't sing along!

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I used to wear ear phones all the time listening to music on public transport, but I suppose as you get older, things change, so no, not me anymore, I tend to like to hear whats going on around me..:)

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Mostly I only wear headphones when I'm working out and can't have the cd player or dvd player/tv on for some reason. Never in public. Don't even own earbuds.
Well, I also wear headphones when I want to REALLY hear the music...sometimes it's better than just the speakers...but not always...just depends. But again, never in public.