Author Topic: The Little Things (that make you laugh)... possibly spoilers?  (Read 506 times)

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So I thought it would be possible of interest to people to have a thread where they can point out little bits of amusement etc throughout the tour? For example, on opening night there's two things that made me laugh a little:
1) Bono didn't get to the microphone in time to start Exit on queue
2) Never realised Adam started the organ/bass changes during the Streets intro... but he had to run the last little bit in order to kick off the pedal sequencing... you can see what looks like him turning to Larry and laughing about it.

Anyway, maybe an interesting thread for those people that like these little things?

Something a little different, how beautiful was that moment where they reach the main stage at the start of Streets and stand there silhouetted???

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Re: The Little Things (that make you laugh)... possibly spoilers?
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The silhouette of them is a wonderful moment, I'm so glad they did it hope they do it on every tour show. I also love the driving road shots, the camera move is so subtle and it makes the crowd go wild as it tips into view. Shivers.