Author Topic: Excerpts from Uncut's Review of Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Release  (Read 1528 times)

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"Indeed, the only new fresh material in this whole package is a single disc of newly commissioned remixed, all but one by longtime U2 collaborators and key players behind the original album.  Lanois gives good value here, transforming both  "Running To Stand Still" and "With Or Without You" into lightly lysergic sci-fi lullabies of weightless ambient gloop.  Studio engineer Mark "Flood" Ellis also finds an inventive new angle on "Where The Streets Have No Name," stripping away the drums and pointillist guitar detail to leave Bono's muffled voice adrift in a ghostly fog of sonic abstraction.  "Jacknife" Lee's burly techno-rock mix of "Bullet The Blue Sky" is mostly boorish bluster, while Lillywhite's streamlined, shiny update of "Red Hill Mining Town" makes only minor cosmetic improvements.

The sole new name among the remixers is cryptic London-Irish electro duo St Francis Hotel, whose secrecy has led some online fans to speculate they may be related to U2 or at least famous friends.  Whatever the pair's identities, their pleasantly nondescript take on "One Tree Hill" has a warm-blooded fuzzytronic, vaguely Balearic flavour.  Brian Eno also takes a pass at the same track, but his two-minute hymnal "reprise" version is a slender, perfunctory sketch."

What do you all think of this?



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The usual thing I think of remixes or redos... will probably like some of them and others not so much. Seems like this disc will be no exception.

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St Francis Hotel are from London but relocated to Dublin in the recession.
Don't think they are related to the band at all  but they still remain nameless..

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It sounds to me like he's John Cleese in Life of Brian - starting out by saying 'what have the Romans ever done for us?' and then ending up saying "But apart from the roads, clean water, street lighting, crime reductions, healthcare, education, housing, social security, what have the romans ever done for us?"

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I still won't be buying the new release.  I have the 20th deluxe set and no way am I forking over more money just to get some new remixes.  Remixes have never done much for me.

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I hear the words "muffled" and "fog" and already not excited for that remix in particular. That's the problem SOI, it's too damn busy for a singer like Bono. Hearing him live I know he still has it, he needs to be the centerpiece of the band again more often. His vocals should be crystal clear and shimmering most of the time.

I think they are applying too many modern techniques to U2; just like Red Hill Mining Town imo.