Author Topic: Spoiler free concert review - help me decide if I should go broke for this  (Read 1652 times)

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Depends on various factors, if it were me... how much would you be willing to break the bank? Are you picky about where you're standing or sitting (i.e., cheap upper level seat vs. close to the stage for a bit more)? Will travel and cost of such be an issue? Would you need somewhere to stay for a night or is going directly to and from the show an option?

It's easy enough to say that you should see them whenever you get a chance, as you never know how much longer they'll be around (which is true). But just be smart before pulling the lever on anything here. If it's going to put you deeper into the hole than you're comfortable with, then at least anticipate taking that risk. What I will say about the show is that you wouldn't regret going if you really enjoy the band or TJT album. I went two nights in a row and am so glad that I did. It was a great weekend for me.

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I'm also a college student and I'm kind of in this boat too, the only difference being that I already saw the tour and will be seeing it again next week. I bought a GA ticket for a third show (Detroit) knowing that it would sell out (GA tickets did), but I'm not sure if I can financially make the show work.

This has happened once or twice in the past with other shows, but those didn't have paperless tickets (fortunately, neither does this Detroit show). Basically, think it over and think about the resale value if you need to sell. Wait to buy your tickets until you've fully decided that you want to go. I will say that the tour is totally worth seeing at least once.