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Re: Croke Park Review
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2017, 12:57:47 AM »
Did anyone really think it would be much different than any other show?  It has not varied much at all.

It would have been nice to hear ASOH, but remember there is a curfew at Croke Park (11:00 P.M.).  The show started on time and the switch over from NG to U2 was quick as it could be.  U2 went on at 8:50 P.M. and they were waiving good bye at 11:05 P.M. from the B stage.  The sun did not set until well into U2's set (otherwise we would not have had the jet fly over, fantastic extra)

If we they had done ASOH they would have had to give something else.  It was nice to hear TLTTGYA as they did not perform this song at the previous 2 shows I was at (Toronto and Clevelend).

Now lets get down to the real point.  Do people travel to Dublin as they expect different show?  For me, NO.  You come to Dublin for the atmosphere of Dublin on a U2 weekend.  Something you will not get anywhere else.  Every pub/bar was hopping, lots playing U2, a couple with U2 cover bands (The Church).  The Dublin/U2 experience started the minute you landed.  Sitting on the taxiway at the Airport, the U2 jet.  Walking down any street tons of people wearing U2 shirts.  Temple Bar was all U2.  The Little Museum of Dubin has a great display, including a room dedicated to U2.

If all you came for was to see U2, you could do that at numerous venues, some a lot easier to get tickets (Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Paris 2), and probably closer for most people.

As far as the concert goes it was on par with the other two I saw.  As for the crowd, this is really subjective and makes a big difference who is around you and where you sit/stand.  For Toronto I was in a seat - lower level, Cleveland Red Zone, Dublin seats lower level.  Of all of these Cleveland RZ was my favorite, this a function of being in the RZ.  Best City, Dublin.  Cleveland did have some U2 things going on, so the weekend was great.  Toronto was close to home, so did not do much in Toronto.

So as I said, do people travel to Dublin just to see U2, or U2 and the Dublin atmosphere.  I think the later.  Certainly for my wife and I, it was Dublin + U2 = great trip.  U2 is always a great concert.  Love to travel and see them and experience different Cities, just adds to the U2 experience.  Did Toronto, New York, London and Glasgow on the I+E tour.

At the airport in Dublin ready for the 8 hour flight home after a great weekend and concert.  Still looking forward to 1 more (Detroit RZ).  For my wife, she continued on to Paris for U2 and will also go to Buffalo. 

Summer of 2017 = U2.  Starting to save for the E+I tour!

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Re: Croke Park Review
« Reply #16 on: July 24, 2017, 02:02:13 AM »
I went to croke at the weekend, what a weekend.

Totally agree with the poster above. It's not about the actual concert for me it's the whole u2 experience you get being in Dublin when u2 are playing. I went to London 2 and the croke concert was no better or no worse then that one.

It is literally u2 mania in Dublin from seeing fans all over the pace. To everyone talking about the concert, to temple bar playing u2 songs over and over. If your a big u2 fan it cannot be beaten.its a huge event not just a concert which is what t is everywhere else you go and see u2.

Concert was brilliant, noel was excellent again. The first few songs (sbs/nyd/bad/pride/streets/ishfwilf/wow) is the best start I've ever seen at any concert. Love the Joshua tree tracks. Miss Sarajevo needs the visuals or bono singing the opera part to keep my attention. Combination of beautiful day/elevation and vertigo goes down as well as anything else in the night. Crowd goes nuts for elevation/vertigo. Didn't think little things was a good closer but I hadn heard this song in person so I was more then happy for it to end.

Perfect weekend. Back at work now :-(