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Re: Bono: Losing Weight?
« Reply #45 on: October 07, 2017, 03:03:17 PM »
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The past couple of week, I just did a massive personal passion project of doing a multi-cam YouTube mix of the opening night of the JT Tour 2017 in Vancouver, using the awesome Empress Valley audio IEM-audience mix.  For a shameless plug, here it is:

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(but if you check my channel, I also uploaded the songs individually as I finished them)

...anyway, all that just means that I've been staring at Bono's face from May 12 in BC Place Vancouver for hours and hours and hours mixing, remixing, and putting all those different camera angles together.

Then I saw two things quite recently:  Zane Lowe interview, and also a recent Instagram post of the band about to enter the stage in the most recent Amsterdam gig.

Now, I just want to ask: Is it just me, or has Bono been losing weight since opening night?  I actually think he is looking better now!



Hey J,

First of all, you're right. He's looking slimmer.

But, might I just add, by chance I stumbled across your YouTube mix over the weekend.

I was mainly interested in everything from RTSS to MOTD.

A couple of things: was surprised by how good it sounded.

But more importantly, how good it looked. My wife ended up watching it with me. You could obviously see it was multi-shot footage, but it felt a lot more intimate.

Brilliant stuff. And thank you for doing this!

Love and Peace or Else

I've watched it too, jick, and I'll second what spacejunk said. Great job.