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SOE - My Take
« on: December 08, 2017, 04:42:17 AM »
Goddamit, I have sat on this album for last week, listened to it in full every day, sometimes twice a day, I can admit, I am slightly addicted. I am addicted to the emotive nature and the incredible imagery of this album, I cried, many, many times, ugly cries, I haven't cried on a U2 album since POP. And that's saying something, I am quite an emotive human.

1) Love is all we have left -
Initial response, I got teary in the car, on the way to work, the song took me to some place spiritual, I felt I was in the midst of a conversation between Bono and his mother, it felt intrusive, kind of like Bono's response to his mother from the song Iris. The verse with Bono switching to an auto tune ala kanye style was very beneficial to the song, and my favourite verse of the song, bono's deep emotive tone was a beautiful touch.
 " Now you’re at the other end of a telescope
Seven billion stars in her eyes
So many stars
So many ways of seeing
Hey this is no time not to be alive"
One of my favourites on the album.

2) Lights of Home -
I was confused when I first heard this song, it sounded too lively to be angry, but once I absorbed the lyrics, and understood the context of the song, I felt quite overwhelmed, the connection to Iris, Bono's anger at his brush with death - constant brushes with mortality - his anger with God, Bono kind of had me picturing me, after I die, walking through the spiritual realms ready to meet my maker, my life after death. That image is a powerful thought. The last verse another link to Iris, makes you self reflect, I am someone who is probably the hardest critic of myself, I often hold myself back because I cant see my potential, this is a beautiful ode to anyone feeling like this. Bravo Boys
My only critique, didn't feel the music quite fitted the overall message/ tone of the song. But im actually hooked

3) Best thing about me -
I dont like to judge singles from an unreleased album because often the context of the song can be missed. This is a catchy cute commercial song, cant hate/fault it. Its very U2 of 2000s,beautiful message behind it, not the best on the album, but I thing the band had to do for commercial sake - ala Kendrick Lamar and Humble - didnt feel right when released as a single, but in context of his album Damn - if fit right in. Again it follows the concept of Bono questioning himself this time, in terms of love and trust

4) Get out of your own way -
I don't care what anyone says, but when this first came out, I am pretty sure I heard somewhere, that this song was directed towards Bono's daughters, yes I get there is a magnificent link to the racial struggles in the south, but the overall message of the song, HAS to be towards his daughters .. again this song hit home to me, brought alot of euphoria and self love. Last couple of months have been rough for me, so this song is kind of like my fight song, its anthemic, and very beautiful day. Probably should've been the lead single, as I love Kendrick lamar his preaching ode at the end was the perfect ending to my fight song.

5) American Soul -
This is going to be a banger live, its angry, its loud, its very blunt. Its a little corny, deff a better contextual song than Volcano but not on the belter level of BTBS, it confuses me, but I think performed live with a very angry bono and high energy crowd, my thoughts will change. Its loud and anti trump, I guess I cant complain

6) Summer Love -
Goddamit , what a beautiful song. At first listen, I thought this is California Part II, but its so much more deeper than that. I love me some Gaga, and i thought her very quiet background vocals added a great touch to it, the instrumentals from the boys were so touching, being of middle eastern decent, this took me to the villages of my grandparents, which has been flooded with war and rubble in the passed, and now is the refuge to many refugees fleeing the "west coast" , its a gorgeous song, its heartbreakingly beautiful, bono's light vocals, ahhhh it hit me. This is another tear jerking song. Very, very well done, Sting would be proud of this.

7) Red Flag day -
THIS IS TOO MUCH, this is the BEST song U2 have produced since possibly - If God will send his angels, like how can a band recapture their youth 40+ years later, the youthfulness of Bono's voice, the instrumentals that would make WAR weep with joy, the energy, and soft anger. The picture they paint, the marshmallow touch of bono's voice in the chorus, this song makes me envision myself as a mother, fleeing war torn syria/libya wherever petrified by the fear of dying on the seas, by petrified by the fear of staying and being killed or exposing my children to the terrors of war, it gets me on every listen, like Im crying while typing, the ending verse - about how fatalities are not reported - bono's pleas, wow, I can't even begin to praise this song, its damn perfect, and its a red shame to all those that dismiss the refugee crisis, and bring shame to those fleeing the trauma and torture they face. Malcolm Turnbull should listen to this next time he ignores the plight of those refugees on Manus Island or next time he decides to cut off the clean water supply ...

8) The Showman
Look when I heard about this song during the early reports of this album, I was expecting alot more,
"the showman gives you the front row to his heart" is a great line, and its a very contradicting song, the imagery gives me The fly/macphisto vibes, this song just confuses me. Its got an addictive chorus, its very youthful, something the rolling stones would be proud of, but its underwhelming, and confusing, yet somewhat satisfying?

9) The little things
Fell madly in love with this when they first performed it at the Kimmel show, and this mix is very sophisticated of where the band is today. Kind of felt Bono, put my thoughts into a song, The part - Sometimes
The air is so anxious
All my thoughts are so reckless
And all my innocence has died

I wake at four in the morning
Where all the darkness is swarming
And it covers me in fear - anyone who has ever experienced self doubt and anxiety would cherish this part, anyone who has ever went through mud, can related, a very, very mind fusing song, cannot fault it, the production, the vocals, the message. For some reason the song, means to what, acrobat does for me.
)10 The Landlady
Beautiful ode to Ali, a telling ode to their love story, its simple, sophisticated melody. Something in Bono's vocals - pure magic, I yearn for a man with this passion and honesty

11) The blackout -
Loud, honest, Abrasive, and very U2. Political and really smacks you in the face with opening Bass. Cannot fault this, cannot stop jamming to this, the flow, the lyrical content, perfect.

12) Love is bigger than anything in its way -
Couldn't really latch on to this at first, Its a very u2 stadium song, bono's opening vocals are very velvetty and smooth, a little addictive, so i started to listen to the song more and more, read the lyrics, understood the context, its a powerful enduring song, kind of like Bono was having a conversation with his kids, from the grave which is unsettling,
 - fave part -
"So young to be the words of your own song
 I know the rage in you is strong
Write a world where we can belong
To each other and sing it like no other"   - Kind of what  a parent would preach to their child, free yourself, and make this world your own, again this band can do no wrong

13) 13
Magical conversation between a father and his kids. Something that goes straight to the heart, a little tear jerking, empowering song, beautiful connection to song for someone which was for ali, now this for his B's kids, its a full circle, perfect way to end the album, cannot fault this song

This album is powerful. Emotive imagery and self empowerment is something else, to those with usual critical B.S. about how this isn't anything like the old, like pi*s off, U2 will never be able to create another JT/AB , this is who they are now, and its bloody fantastic. Exemplifies why they are the greatest, album is a solid 9.5, cannot wait to see the live shows.

** Excuse the write up, Currently doing Night Duty, as an anesthetic nurse, and typing this up quite quickly in case we get a trauma
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Re: SOE - My Take
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 05:54:11 AM » seems you gave this a lot of thought..: )

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Re: SOE - My Take
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Oh, I'm saving this for Saturday morning. :)

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Re: SOE - My Take
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2017, 02:43:55 PM »
Terrific, heart-felt review.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  And thank you for the work you do as a nurse.

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Re: SOE - My Take
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great review