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Discovering U2 again
« on: December 18, 2017, 06:31:02 AM »
Hi, my fist taste of U2 was when I was student in the early eighties with War, I loved New Years Day and the sound in general.  After that I was working and living in remote areas of Australia where the local radio stations were more likely to play Willie Nelson and my friends were into indie surf rock bands.  We had limited TV reception so I missed Live aid and also I missed the Joshua Tree and it wasn't till a friend sent me a tape of AB that I rediscovered U2 and I played that tape till it died and that was that.  I then missed all the following albums.  It wasn't until a few months ago when I fractured a leg mustering sheep and my best working dog had to have major surgery that I was stuck at home.  Fortunately my satellite internet had been upgraded from 1GB to 30GB per month and I got an ipod for my birthday.   I went crazy rediscovering umm 30 years of missed U2 music.  I found JT which I totally love and am also playing to death.  Songs of Innocence appeared on my ipod which was fine by me, I don't know what all the drama was about. 

So I have been working my way through the albums and videos.  Interesting to read perspectives about songs and albums on this site because it can be a bit overwhelming.  I am still a bit stuck on the early sounds of U2 but am warming to later albums especially being able to watch live versions.   

I also enjoyed on this site the Bono appreciation type threads.  They gave me a lot of laughs and some of the links to some very hot vids of the man which have been very therapeutic I must say.  All this time I didn't know he was that hot lol.  Being a bit of a guitar freak I have loved the sounds coming from the U2 lead guitarist and knew he had a funny name but knew nothing else about him or the rest of the band. So it has been a very entertaining journey and I am definitely just a little bit obsessed with their music and story at the moment!  What an amazing live band of my generation and I missed it all!

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Re: Discovering U2 again
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 07:39:08 AM »
Wow!  Welcome.  What a unique life story and perspective on U2 and their music.  What an odd yet awesome sensation it must have been to be listening to War and then to hear Achtung Baby and nothing in between.  I'm glad you were able to upgrade your satellite and can join this forum.  I'm curious to read some of your other posts on what you think about various songs, albums, etc.  I'll be seeing ya.