Author Topic: Larry to retire after the e+I tour?  (Read 6001 times)

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Re: Larry to retire after the e+I tour?
« Reply #45 on: February 10, 2018, 12:14:40 AM »
On the other hand, in terms of getting paid for your music, how much does streaming do for an artist?

Its pretty bad. I think it takes hundreds of streams just to see 1 cent. For Spotify I think it might be a little better because subscribers are paying $10 dollars a month. But Spotify gets paid first, then the artist based on how much their stuff streams. Its not very good. Its one reason I think why you see less rock bands out there. Its so much more difficult now to make money from recorded music. Once some money makes it back to the band, then they have to split that money among four or five people in the band.

Also, when speaking of album sales, it gets a bit confusing because streaming and digital singles are now bundled into the album sales figure. So in the case of Imagine Dragons, wouldn’t a lot of that 400,000 be due to something other than actual album sales?

The RIAA which certifies albums as Gold, Platinum and multi-platinum started letting streams and individual track sales count towards overall album sales in 2015.

The above figure for the Imagine Dragons album is a soundscan figure of just the physical and digital albums sold. So no streams, or individual track sales are included in that. Its a raw album sales figure.

But as you can see, the raw album sales figures are not that high by any standard. All the volume is in the streams and digital track sales. Plus, there are obviously ways, like file sharing or even CD burning, or other methods where people obtain music for free which is not even tracked. But the streaming and individual track sales that are tracked probably gives a good idea of what is popular.

Its just shocking that what was still the chief gauge of what was popular even 10 years ago, the album and its sales, has been pushed far to the back.

Rock music an especially rock bands have really been hit hard. You don't find many any more on the HOT 100 or the Billboard 200 in any given week. Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Dance, general Pop, Country are what the masses seem to be listening to.

Plus, when we talk about rock that is one thing. But Hard Rock or Heavy Metal share of everything is even worse. Soft Rock or Pop/Rock has the best chance of cracking the charts from the ROCK Genre these days.