Author Topic: I'm back - and promise to behave  (Read 1018 times)

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I'm back - and promise to behave
« on: February 27, 2018, 05:06:21 AM »
Hi all

Yeh, I got a little bit upset with one of the forum members and earned a ban.

It was a very emotive subject to me regarding Liverpool fans who had been unlawfully killed during a football game.

Suffice to say that the truth has since finally emerged about the Hillsborough tragedy (feel free to Wiki it) and I hope anyone who had similar negative views on this matter can now read 'the truth' and maybe understand how a mass conspiracy including the police, the press and the government was found to be true and the fans where wrongly blamed.

I am from that city (Liverpool) and I hope you all can understand my anger at the time.

Happy to be back on here where once it seemed like the lunatics had taken over the asylum - oh well, at least they're happy where they are where they can all agree with each other  ;)

Well, with the exception of An Tha who, as well as being a fellow Scouser, seemed a really nice guy and I'll miss him on here.

Anyhoo - back to talking about my favourite band - both positively and negatively when due.