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Omaha 5/19 show details and GA info

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Details coming soon.....  FB group for more info You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I don't have facebook, but I am thinking of flying in for this. Curious to see if anybody else is going solo or traveling in

That particular FB link didn't work for me, but a quick search on FB turned up a 2018 U2 in Omaha fan group (hopefully that same one). 

I'm flying in from Denver (since we didn't make the concert cut) for the show, pretty excited!

Coming from Denver as well. I'm from Omaha so it'll be nice to see them in the same place as my first live U2 experience.

I booked everything, and I am going in solo GA. Let me know line protocol, I'd love to make some friends to hang out with all day!


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