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Anyone up for a Road Trip from Dallas to...any show, really?


Hey all, I don't have tix to any shows yet, but I'd like to crash at least one on this tour.

I'm not looking for tix, I'll get one the day of the show, just looking for travel buds who are doing (or up for) a quick road trip to one of the venues in the Dallas region of the country (Tulsa, Omaha, NOLA, etc.). My SO and I are probably going to see Nashville together, but she can't go to shows during the week, and I wouldn't mind seeing them a couple of times. I also love road trips! :)

I'm in my 40's, chill, and an academic who presented at the last U2 Conference (sad to be missing Belfast this summer). I've had some great U2 concert adventures, looking to add a new one to the list!


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