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Where can I find my Sent messages?


I sincerely apologize if this is obvious, and it very well may be - I'm visually impaired.

Under My Messages in the main menu, I get the options Read Your Messages or Send a Message.

If I choose the first, I see my inbox but no sign of an outbox/sent folder. I have a message that says I've replied to it but there is no link to see it.

The second option lets me generate a new message but once again I don't see any sign of previously sent messages.

Thanks and sorry in advance as I'm sure this will be a head-slapper.

Iím not the most tech savvy, but maybe this will help.  When I click on messages, I have an option of sent items. But if you are not seeing this, maybe you havenít checked the box to save sent messages to a folder. The box is under the big box where you would compose a new message. I donít know if the default is for the save box to be checked or not checked.

Under Profile/Modify Profile/Personal messaging, look to see if the checkbox next to ďSave a copy of each personal message in my sent items by defaultĒ is checked.


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