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Re: **Spoilers Tulsa & St. Louis set lists **Spoilers
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I too am a 30+ years long fan and have only missed them on two tours. (And I also tend to lurk around here during tour time and hardly ever post.) I will not be seeing them on this tour as I blew an entire paycheck last year to see them in Phoenix and they aren't playing Phoenix this time around (which I think may be the first time they have ever skipped Phoenix, right?) But, from what I've seen on the set lists thus far it looks like I'm not missing much. I absolutely love Summer of Love, The Showman, Red Flag Day, Little Things....and they're not playing any of those....?! I do wish they would drop SBS as it seems to me they've slowed the tempo down and it really plods (to my ears.) But I've always thought NYD was a real showpiece and am glad they're still doing that one. I thought I had heard they planned to play old songs they hadn't played in years (looking at you, Electric Co.) but it seems that's not happening. You're never going to please everyone, and for this tour at least I think it's good that they've dropped all the JT stuff (although I do think they ought to keep playing Exit, easily my all time favorite live.) As usual, the first few shows are always an experiment, but oddly, I don't think I'm going to regret missing them on this tour. Or maybe I'm just old and cranky.  ;)

Yeah I'll probably skip this tour.  I guess they don't want to play what are arguably the best songs from SOI & SOE.
And I'm definitely old and cranky. :)