Author Topic: U2 Stadium tour southern hemisphere Feb 2019?  (Read 4317 times)

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Re: U2 Stadium tour southern hemisphere Feb 2019?
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I still say U2’s reluctance to go to Australia is Guy’s fault.  He is also Madonna’s manager, and her last tour in Australia flopped hard!  I think the fear is tthat U2 aren’t in demand enough to go to Australia, Japan, Singapore, etc, and charge what would be necessary.  They sold immensely well on the Vertigo Tour in Australia.  The 360 Tour was a bit of a disappointment, sales wise, in Australia, except in Perth.  I wouldn’t be surprised if that leg lost money. 

The JT Tour would’ve been perfect for Australia.  The production wasn’t nearly as extravagant as 360, and the demand would’ve been stronger for that than the IE Tour.  They should’ve gone to Australia instead of that unnecessary 2nd NA leg.  Wasted opportunity.

Lost money on Australia 360? Not a chance. The numbers were a little lower than Vertigo, but not a lot lower. If you want to see low attendance for a U2 tour in Australia, just look at POPMART.
Attendance on POPMART
Sydney - 38,000
Melbourne - 23,810
Perth - 13,775
Brisbane - 17,567

 As bad as those attendance numbers are, the band at least broke even on POPMART Australia or else they would not have even bothered to go down there.