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I will follow


Am new - hello U2 forum.

Had a band at the same time as U2 had broken through. We rehearsed in the guitarists kitchen and there was talent on offer (not mine at that time). Musicians and people that get famous in anything (not just music) will all remain the same (as humans). It's the way everyone else treats them.
U2 were never going to rewrite history like the beatles did but they rewrote history as the concept of music is percieved as a band.
They have done very well at it from that school in Dublin...  ;)
So just joined up to say very well done evans and hewson etal.

Up The Dubs and U2


Hi and welcome.

Fame and fortune doesn't make someone not a person, but the level of fame they reached in 1987 is a shock and changes a person. This is documented in the current tour.

I think these guys are unusual in that they eventually managed to get their feet back on the ground.


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