Author Topic: A message for people with tickets in the top/mid level sections of the arena....  (Read 6547 times)

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I will be going to future U2 shows and sitting when I feel like it.  Iím the customer, Iím paying $250 for a seat and I will sit in it if I want to.

You think everyone experiences music the way you do and has an obligation to express that experience in a way that will enhance the experience for you and the band.  My ticket didnít come with an obligation to perform a service for you or U2.   This idea of respecting the band by standing is some kind of strange idea.  I like their music but in no way do I worship them. Iíve read about them because I find some of Bonoís thoughts interesting.  Iíve tried to learn some of Edgeís guitar parts because I love the music.  But I donít stand outside the venues hoping to meet them or see them as some kind of gods or heroes.  For me, that veers into the creepy.  But thatís me.  I realize that for some people its not.  I donít think it is for Bono or Edge either but maybe for Larry it is.  People should respect that just like you should respect that people can sit if they want to.

I think the problem is your posts ooze with judgement and nobody likes to be judged, especially over something so silly.

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Guys - this thread has ran its course