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RED ZONE questions
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:20:28 PM »
Chatting elsewhere about this and thought I would share what I had written, they had asked for any suggestions as far as RedZone, so here it is:

It was kind of sad as far as turn out, great as far as choice! And this is MSG 6/25:

**We got there at 2:30 and could have been 3rd, but couldn't find the sign up area (completely our fault by the way as Jennifer sent a terrific email about what to do...Does anyone have her contact info please?)

**We were black penned numbers 8 and 9 when we 'checked in' written with number in notebook
**5:30 They came and got us and only 30 total (between BOTH RedZone's 1 and 2) and take you to the Citi Lounge where you can either get right in line or get food/merch, we got right in line and we were now 3 and 4, IMPORTANT (but not really, read on) once you get in the lounge, the #'s on your hand do not matter, it's whether you shop or line up
**By the time they released us, after letting 200 GA's in first, and by the way 100% fairly so as these folks had to check in 3 different times, jump in the air, twirl, take selfie, dab and shake and scream...kidding, but holy cow! They deserved the first shot!
**Normal NYC delays and we got our green light at 7:10 or so and we went in by the e stage and that was fairly wide open, I had been on the rail e stage with my daughter, but my son wanted to be towards the stage. Edge is RED ZONE 2, I was RZ1 for the first time ever and it was cool, Adam and Larry are always fun to watch and since we checked RZ first, we claimed the catwalk rail instead, 20 feet or so from main stage, incredible location and was very happy with our selection
**Every venue's a bit different, but MSG, very oddly,remained fairly empty until 7:45. We were peaking under the screen to see Edge's side and it was fairly empty and could have easily switched, but we never wanted to chance it and then forgot about and chatted with other U2 fanatics
**Point? There was still plenty of rail left if that is your thing or RED ZONE rail you probably could wait till 4p or so to get checked in
Hope that helps give you an idea, but have fun and thanks for supporting RED!
And again, if anyone knows Jennifer, please share contact info>>thank you!