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Alicia Keys
« on: July 12, 2018, 03:18:22 PM »
I could be a big fan if I could find my way to the next song or album. Here's where I am.

Got Girl on Fire.

Tears Always Win is basically the perfect song fo me. It's got feeling, it's got soul, I want to snap my fingers and stomp my foot and shake my head. If I find more AK songs that strike this chord, well, it'll be awesome.

Girl On Fire is genius.

New Day is an ass kicker.

That's When I Knew is a nice ballad.

So I tried branching out. I tried Empire State of Mind because iTunes says it's popular. It didn't do a thing for me. A couple other popular songs, forgot their names, same thing. So apparently, other than Girl On Fire, I'm not into popular AK tunes.

The only other one I've found thus far is Fallin' - another piece with soul, right out of Aretha Franklin.

So if you know your way around AK, you know what I like, where should I go next?