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The unforgettable fire album cover photo


The duke:
Hi, I will be visiting Irland this summer. Can someone help me to identify some of the famous photos on different U2 albums, I am not saying all of them taken in Irland though:)

Thanks in advance

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UF album cover is Moydrum Castle - literally in the middle of the Country and can be difficult to find (I have missed it once or twice and I've driven there a few times).

You could visit "The Basin" - a man made lake near Pearse Street Dublin where most of the publicity shots and the video for Gloris was filmed. This is also where U2's HQ studios were (now to be demolished and replaced by a U2 expo centre) and beside where the U2 Tower is going up.

All the other album covers were studio shots or done abroad. The Boy cover was shot in Dun Laoghaire. And "the" Adam photo on AB was done in a studio on the South Circular Road in Dublin.


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