What are your three favorite studio songs off the album Rattle and Hum, and how do you feel about the album in 2018?

Van Diemen's Land
2 (1.2%)
21 (12.4%)
Hawkmoon 269
28 (16.5%)
Angel of Harlem
17 (10%)
Love Rescue Me
5 (2.9%)
When Love Comes to Town
8 (4.7%)
30 (17.6%)
God Part II
17 (10%)
All I Want Is You
42 (24.7%)

Total Members Voted: 56

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Re: Rattle and Hum: Retrospective
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All I Want Is You
Hawkmoon 269

The first album I bought.  As a soundtrack to the late 80's, I like it.  Whiskey and bourbon, and tailored waistcoats and Paisley is what it feels like.  Gentleman's sophistication, American style - but actually younger men trying to be sophisticated.

AIWIY is one of their best songs ever.  An absolute timeless classic. 

As for everything else, like TUF, R&H is of its time (OK, Bad is a classic live song, but the lyrics speak of the heroin addiction lifestyle of the mid 80's).  Hawkmoon and Heartland have the layers that make me think back to them chasing the success as The Joshua Tree skyrocketed and trying to capitalise on that success....the songs sound so 'American' because they were written there about the place.

I don't know if they would ever pull off another album in this mould now (being the gentleman that they now are) because they wear their hearts on their sleeves so obviously to be true sophistication (unless Adam did a solo album!)

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